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Brokerage in Commodities & Financial markets


AJV HOLDING, acts as a broker between buyers and sellers of several commidities with a main focus on base & precious metals. AJV HOLDING is also a purchase agent for several european companies active in the commodity industry.   

For introductions please email to: info@ajvholding.nl

Stock Markets

AJV HOLDING aquired via specialist in the stock market a specific algorithm which assist in the intra-day and long term trading strategies. Based on a strategy of overbought & oversold reversal indicators and combining indicators which show a volatile and overstreched market AJV's algorithme has proved a consistant and stable ROI. AJV HOLDING concentrates on penny stocks for these strategies which are best suitable for this algorithm.

For more information please email to: info@ajvholding.nl


As we all know the FMCG markets ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods)  are one of the largets markets in the world. Via it's extensive network AJV HOLDING can insist in supply and offtake of various FMCG products in the market. Main focus regarding the FMCG business are beverages.

For introductions please email to: info@ajvholding.nl

Who we are 

Our company is mostly oriented on daily trading with a main focus on the metals industry, we provide buying, financial and logistic solutions for many traders withing europe.

We provide all the essential services for our clients via our wide resourcing and delivery activities, adequately backed up by the financial advisory services necessary for the trading activities.

Our management consists of specialists in the field of commodities and finances with at least a decade long experience in trading activities.
We negotiate our deals to success by adding our expertise and adding to it our local and international business contacts.

We also work together with brokers, easily and efficiently, since we share their best values - we all know our clients and our business inside and out.

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